Dirt Rally Playstation VR Coming Soon

Codemaster is super busy making sim racing cooler and cooler! In the coming weeks there will be Playstation VR support for the best Dirt game I ever played! Well.....

Codemaster is super busy making sim racing cooler and cooler! In the coming weeks there will be Playstation VR support for the best Dirt game I ever played! Well.. maybe until I get to play Dirt 4, but will see in June!

Now I already use my Track IR on my PC version of Dirt Rally and it gives you a similar effect, but now I might just have to try out Playstation VR on PS4 to see what’s up.

Check out what Codies are saying about it and watch the video. You should be in for a real immersive racing time.

We’re delighted to announce that we’ll be adding PlayStation VR support to DiRT Rally in the coming weeks!

That’s right – you’ll now be able to play the highest rated racing game

on PlayStation 4* with PS VR. The upgrade, which will be available as DLC for existing players on the PlayStation Store, will also be available from retail with a new boxed version of DiRT Rally, which comes complete with the VR add-on.

The PS VR functionality will give you a fully immersive off-road experience, with the upgraded game supporting every car, every route and every discipline within DiRT Rally.

Interested? Well, good! Our new trailer for the PlayStation VR update is available here. Take a look and see what you think:

The update will put PlayStation VR users into the world of rally like never before, as they take on some of the most challenging rally stages and environments in the world. Not only this, but they’ll be able to take on a certain Colorado-based iconic Hill Climb, and try their hand at top-tier multi-car racing in the FIA World Rallycross Championship.

But that’s not all! As well as allowing you to drive any of the stunning Rally, Rallycross and Hillclimb cars in full VR, the update to DiRT Rally will enable a game-changing second player to join in on the fun. Using a DUALSHOCK 4® controller, the second player will take the on the role of co-driver – using the social screen to understand when to send calls to the driver using the DUALSHOCK 4 buttons and touchpad. Making those calls at the right time will be the difference between the driver hearing the correct information at the right time, so it’s crucial that this is executed properly.

So that’s a great addition to the already fantastic Sim Rally racer that is sure to sale more Playstation VR’s.

See ya on the Track!


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