Dirt Rally PS VR Out Today!

Dirt Rally PS VR slides into stores today with full PS4 Pro optimized! Dirt Rally VR on PS4 Today you get the whole sha-bang! Now I wouldn’t of thought...

Dirt Rally PS VR slides into stores today with full PS4 Pro optimized!

Dirt Rally VR on PS4

Today you get the whole sha-bang! Now I wouldn’t of thought any different on this one, but Playstion News makes a point to say the whole game is in VR. Weither you are at Pikes Peak doing a hill climb, or rubbing bumpers in Rallycross to setting the faster stage in Rally, it’s all VR enabled.

Don’t Cut! New Co-driver Mode
The co-driver is now in control of player 2! You will have the option to gather a friend to be your co-driver for those crucial elements of rally racing. Your buddy is your life line now with the all important timed calls of Don’t Cut!

The new co-driver mode, a second player can be entrusted with the important responsibility of sending the right calls at the right time. Press the wrong button at the wrong time, and your rally pilot won’t have a clue about what to expect from the nex

t few turns. However, get the timings right from the social screen, and the calls will be delivered crisply and cleanly to the person in the driver’s seat.

After the end of each stage, an accuracy rating will be given too — so there’s nowhere to hide if your coordination is off or your reactions aren’t quite quick enough!

At this time I’m not sure the co-driver can be (Phone a friend) online buddy or just limited to your in the house buddy. Your co-driver will be reading the calls being thrown up on the primary TV as the actually driver won’t see them thru the VR headset.

PS4 Pro Optimized
Sony Playstation has recognized that many customers upgraded to the PS4 pro and wanted day one full support to take advantage of the extra horsepower the PS4 Pro provides over the standard PS4. With the PS VR update on the PS4 Pro you’ll literally be able to see the difference with the graphical improvements it brings — so those of you with the hardware can enjoy the benefits of your PS4 Pro.

Launching with an Introductory Offer
The best news of all? We’re running an introductory offer when the DLC drops! From tomorrow through February 28, you can pick up the entire PlayStation VR bundle — the 2D game, the PS VR upgrade, and our Fully Loaded DLC Add-on packs — for the absolute bargain of $43.39. And if you already own the game, the cost is even better — it’ll cost you $12.99 for the DLC upgrade.


See ya on the Track!

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