F1 2015 PC Review

F1 2015 has had a rocky start and I myself ran into a lot of issues making it unplayable at times Read Here. You might want to wait for...

F1 2015 has had a rocky start and I myself ran into a lot of issues making it unplayable at times Read Here. You might want to wait for a few more patches on the PC version before buying, but read on for my Review. This first patch doesn’t cover all the issues with the game, but It’s not all bad as I have had some fun with it, just not as often as I should have.

Lets Review

So if your a die hard F1 fan then you already have the game, but if your still on the fence well I might hang out on that fence a li

ttle while longer at least for the PC version. Consider racing F1 with other sims that are doing it better currently like Project Cars and Game Stock Car.

Ranting a little here: For some reason this day in age there is the assumption that PC released sim or racing games always need patching. Actually even consoles get day one patches all the time. Not a big deal as long as it’s a day one patch. I understand that meeting deadlines that the upper management sets doesn’t always coincide with the people actually doing the work on the floor. Happens all the time in all industries, but I would urge to do it correctly the first time instead of getting bad press out the gate. With PC games it’s often difficult to get it right considering all the variables with peoples PC’s. In the long run the early adopters will get satisfaction with their game if they decide to give it another shot or haven’t already returned it.

The Bad

Lots of glitches out there, just look at the patch notes below. These do not cover the dropped FPS several people get randomly. I will go from a great 60-100 FPS down to 1-3 FPS randomly making the game unplayable. Another issue is the controller setup. The game recognizes the wheel I have plugged in and I’m able to navigate the menus with it, but upon racing I discover the gas,brake and steering are not mapped correctly. I then just have to create a custom profile to fix the issue. One more big issue is the huge deadzone I get with my Fanatec CSW pedals on brake aF1_2015 2015-07-10 00-57-52-50nd gas. It’s very difficult to modulate the brake and throttle with the deadzone. I push the pedal half way before getting a response. This might be fixed by adding saturation to the menu setup that was in past releases. Until this is fixed I end up running half traction control and ABS on. It’s not ideal and takes away from the immersion of true F1 Racing, but lets face it this is really not a sim racer anyway like I was hoping it would be.

If your looking for a career mode to build your team up and be the star, look again. For me it’s not a big loss, but others complain about it. I don’t mind being one of the F1 stars and racing as them in Championship mode. It’s not a big deal as I get to race their car as them. If fact it’s like you get to live out a new result for a particular racer thru the 2014 or 2015 season.

One thing I don’t care for is the bland sound engine. I expect more from F1 games especially since I’m spoiled from others like Sector 3 RaceRoom’s fantastic sounds. I want to hear everything like tranny whine, gear whine, raspier engine sounds etc.. I do here engine sounds they are just not that engaging to me without the other stuff. The tire squirming does sound pretty good though.

Ok enough of the bad. Check out the Patch Notes for the latest fixes that came out so far and then check out the GOOD.

Patch Notes

  • Flashback and the Instant Replay Flashback causes game to crash to desktop
  • Instant Replay – The game is crashing when entering an instant replay in all game modes
  • Backing out from a lobby in which you were a Clientf1 2015-1 and Hosting a new Lobby will result in you not having Host Options for your new Lobby
  • Fuel info resets every time you cross the start/finish line
  • Out of box settings appear to be too high on onboard Intel GPUs
  • Graphics options do not save in certain situations
  • When a player collides before or after resetting to track, they get disqualified.
  • Clipping on the nose camera on the Manor car
  • Game crashes after running benchmark
  • Tyre wear carries over from short qualifying to race between intermediate & option tyres
  • Hang occurs when host backs out of Custom Lobby just before countdown finishes and loading begins.
  • Multiplayer qualifying result inconsistent across players
  • Backing out of a Lobby on 0 seconds of the countdown timer can result in a Hang if the player then creates and leaves a Custom Session.
  • Host will perpetually load after quitting game via front end after getting terminal damage in multiple races in custom lobby.

The Good

Codemaster’s was kind enough to give out F1 2014 with F1 2015 so you get 2 games for 1 price. Great deal if your new to the Codemasters F1 series and allowed me to delete my older F1 2014 version off my hard drive to clear space. Also note that 2014 is built with the same new engine and goodies that F1 2015 are made from.

There really is a lot to like with F1 2015. Brand new built from the ground up that has next-gen graphics for the XB1, PS4 and PC. The immersion factor is greater with the broadcast theme used that makes you feel like a super star. This really adds some depth to the start and finish of a race making you not want to just skip thru it. I enjoy the replays with the camera shacks as you careen past at 150+mph as well.. You even get some history lessons along the way listening to the commentary. The new tire physics is done well with proper spin ups and squirming around under heavy braking and acceleration loads. Even the TC is implemented well. At half TC you still get some spin up and squirm making it easier to recover and if you want no sliding except under extreme conditions then use Full TC mode.

The graphics are beautiful looking with the dusk and night scenes really popping! Then add in the dynamic weather that you can drive in without exaggerated tire slippage and it’s on! Couple that with more intuitive A.I that dodges my mistakes and keeps the pressure on, well it’s just some good fun to be had. Speaking of A.I, I’m enjoying seeing there race cars explode into pieces in front or behind me from mistakes they make or they get a punctured tire that increases my race position. The A.I isn’t perfect though. I still see them dive bomb me in turn one at times. However make it thru turn 1 and everyone spreads out some making for a more challenging race. They don’t seem to be dead set on 1 line this go around as I’m able to pass on the inside and outside making breaking into a corner even more fun. I have even seen them hang back when I was driving erratically.

The Force FeedBack (FFB) is pretty good to. It’s a little to dialed down for me at first, but once you turn it up you get nice positive feedback you can feel and wof1 2015 pit stopsrk with on track. Don’t expect sim quality feedback like Assetto Corsa, rFactor 2 and others. It’s definitely simcade feedback only giving you some of the cues you need to get by with.

Did I mention the pit stops? Yeah it’s not a gimic like on Project Cars with only 1 guy. No it’s a full crew running out changing tires, adding fuel and replacing my front damaged wing. It’s masterfully done and so fluid looking. It adds so much immersion to the game making me want to pit more often. lol. Check out the list of more new features.

  • New engine
  • New tire physics model. You will experience grip level changes based on weather, car setup, road debris, and wear.
  • No Career Mode (was boring anyway)
  • Next Gen Graphics
  • More realistic Physics
  • Smarter A.I.
  • Fully Playable 2014 FIA Formula One World Championship. F1 2014 is based on new physics engine. No port over.
  • Free digital update as the 2015 season progresses
  • 20 areas of physics improvements including engine, transmission, aero, fuel tank, force feedback, suspension and most notably new tire physics model
  • New Championship Season
  • New Pro Season (Really replaces the Career Mode, but with all Assist turned off. Hopefully the A.I will have their assist turned off as well.)
  • Online Practice Session
  • Online Multiplayer
  • Weather of course
  • Improved sounds to bring that race day feeling to you. All they will lack is the smell of fuel.
  • Voice Recognition for Xbox One and Playstation 4. You will be able to interact with your race engineer with game voice commands thru the Kinect and and Playstation Camera or compatable headsets for Playstation 4.
  • Ask about:
    • Race info
    • Weather
    • Tire wear
    • Request tires
    • Front wing changes
    • Much more to be announced


To sum it up lets rate it all and give my overall impression of the new F1 2015. I was really hoping for a more sim like game to rival physics and FFB that Game Stock Car (GSC) has, but with current gen graphics. GSC has a huge variety of open wheel cars to do F1 racing with that is more engaging on the physics side, but not on the graphics side. Well F1 2015 delivered on 1 of those with the graphics with the added bonus of a creative broadcasting style that is engaging and fun. What you get here is a fun, engaging and easy F1 racer to pick up. Just don’t expect a true sim racing game like me instead it’s more of a simcade that caters to the more profitable console version side.

With that said who is this game for?  It’s for anyone that wants to enjoy the F1 experience with as it unfolds in 2015 with beautiful graphics and immersive broadcasting style that makes you feel in the race. If your already a huge F1 fan then I’m sure you will enjoy the game.

Ratings 1-10

Gameplay:    7

Physics & FFB:    5 

Sounds:    5

Visuals:    9

Immersion:    8

Overall: 6.8

Hope you enjoyed my review on F1 2015. Let me know what you think about it in the comments below.

See ya on the Track!




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