F1 2017 Career Mode

F1 2017 is slated to be released this month Aug 25th. Also be sure to save some money and click on my CD Keys link below. It’s how I...

F1 2017 is slated to be released this month Aug 25th. Also be sure to save some money and click on my CD Keys link below. It’s how I save money on all my games I can.

F1 2017 Career mode is looking awesome and more immersive than ever before! The massively expanded Career Mode will have invitational events coming your way while racing through out your F1 season where you will get to drive 12 classic F1 cars in a host of different events including overtake challenges, pursuit events, checkpoint, and time attack challenges.

The classic cars are also playable in all other areas of the game, and can be raced as both single and multi-class – C1 and C2 – races. You’ll also notice the mu

lti-class racing in this trailer too, though whilst you don’t take part in that form of racing within the actual career mode itself, we wanted to show it off to you.

Expanding on F1 2016 every popular career mode with F1 2017 we get a more rounded and deeper experience. We get female driver avatars (yes women racer are upon us), new paddock locations and a new character (You can even change your helmets) as well as greatly increasing the scope for developing your team and car. Did you see the manager in the trailer? Pretty cool way they are doing it this time making it more immersive.

Career mode also offers 115 possible R&D upgrades (4.5 times more then F1 2016) and 4 different categories that you are able to upgrade (check out that tech tree in the trailer). You have to manage more now with upgrades to the Powertrain, Chassis, Aero and Dynamics along with managing your right foot and not blowing up that engine on track are shattering the gear box.

On top of all that you will be managing 6 key components that make up modern F1 power unit along with developing your  teams skills to get better pit stop times, their speed with R&D and new parts reliability.

F1 2017 comes with and extensive Career mode as you can see along with multiplayer racing on 20 official circuits from the current 2017 season with additions of 4 new shortened circuits at Britain, Bahrain, USA and Japan, while also allowing you to take on the iconic Monaco street circuit at night.

Editor Comments:

Ok I have been disappointed in the last 2 F1 titles and felt F1 was done better with sims like Automobilista and RF2, but F1 2017 looks to be shaping up to be a involving career mode that I miss playing. Now I believe the graphics are not anything leaps above previous titles. In fact they look to be about the same, but game play and value are by far more then seen before. Lets hope for full wheel support out the box from the popular wheels on the market.

So you going to pick it up? Post below.


See ya on the Track!

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