Fanatec Clubsport V3 Pedal Review!

After many, many hours of testing these fantastic pedals on all the sim racing titles I own including my Xbox One Forza 6 I bring you the Fanatec Clubsport V3...

After many, many hours of testing these fantastic pedals on all the sim racing titles I own including my Xbox One Forza 6 I bring you the Fanatec Clubsport V3 Pedal Review! Yes I love these pedals and consider them the best sim racing buy for the money! You want to be faster on the track? Buy these and easily outbreak your competition with the superior feel and modulation. Hell these modulate better then my real cars brakes! Yeah they are really good!

Intial Look and Impressions

First up on initial look I was really impressed with the fit and finish of the product. The attention to detail should be a staple for all other companies to follow. It’s the little colored bits that show Fanatec goes the extra mile to make their products look like Sim Art and in turn make the owners want to show their rig off to friends and family and really appreciate the beauty of it.

On first site you recognize the value you get from the V3 pedal set. Beside the pedals th

em self you get an extra set of D shaped pedal plates with hardware to mount, extra pedal extensions, extra heavy duty springs for the throttle and brake, grease, 1 usb cable and 1 RJ12 cable. It comes with everything you need to get them up and running. Keep in mind the extra pedal faces and springs would of cost extra in the previous clubsport lineups so thanks for not charging extra Fanatec. Along with the extra parts, you get vastly improved adjustability and ease of working on and modifying the pedals to your liking. It’s super easy to add the extra springs (check out my videos below) or adjust the pedal stiffness and travel. Moving pedal faces around is quick and easy as well. The only item that takes extra time is installing the D face pedal with extension on the brake since you have the rumble motor to contend with in a tight space. I would of liked to see the pedal arms wider to help get my big Texas sized fingers in there. I really like the adjustability the extensions offer so I can angle my pedal faces just the way I like them. If’ you already own clubsport pedals you know fiddling with the break resistance once it’ mounted to your rig is a pain. Not to mention when your kids or siblings come along and ask what does this knob do after you spent time setting it correctly. No more issues with that when it comes to the new V3 pedals. It’s all done thru the software and if you have a Universal hub or newer style rim you can set brake force there to. This wheel setting comes in handy when playing Xbox One games like Forza 6 since you can’t use the pc software in this instance.

There is so much to like about the new Fanatec V3 pedals that it warrants a second look from any sim racer. Plus not only can these work for your pc racing, but plug them into your wheel and it works with PS4 and XboxOne along with bringing your Fanatec Handbrake for the ride with plug an play into the pedals control panel.

Setup Time

First up plug these pedals into your pc and update them along with connecting your Fanatec Handbrake to them if you have one. It’s super painless and the program does it all. You will want to make sure you update your wheel if you hadn’t already done so. Next setup your pedal resistance in the pc software under the Fanatec clubsport V3 menu. You can adjust this later or adjust on the fly with the proper wheel hub like the Universal Hubs. Your brake force range is done with a slide meter that just tells the pedals when you want 100% breaking power. You set this to your liking of how much pedal pressure needed to hit 100% or full lock up of your brakes. As I mention this comes in handy using the wheel option when playing Forza 6 to eliminate the touchy feeling brakes that Forza 6 has at default settings.CSP-V3_03M

The Good Stuff! How do they work & feel?

Upgrading from my Fanatec Clubsport V1 pedals I am pleasantly happy over the feel the V3 pedal version brings me. I’m certain my lap times have improved, but more importantly with the 4065 bits of resolution I get thru the PC (that I found thru the Iracing software) I can modulate my brake to where I am inches from my competitors bumper without hitting them! This speaks volumes in the sim racing world as you have the confidence to hold a proper breaking pressure and modulate it with more or less pressure with the greatest of ease. Like I said these work better then my real car. Very, Very impressive!

The force you need to apply to the brake when adjusted to full stiffness is pretty great and really wears on your foot and leg after some time. Actually with my preferred “D” face pedals it wears out my foot in a short time to the point I need some thin soled racing shoes. It would still be a issue with the flat metal faces, but your foot would last longer I feel since you don’t have the center gap the “D” face pedals have.

The clutch is nothing new if your already a owner of Clubsport V2 pedals. The feel is the same as before and the only exception is the ability to easily switch out springs for a heavy clutch feel. I actually feel the clutch is still a little weak feeling even with the heavier spring and would like to see a spring about twice as heavy as the heavy one they currently offer. Clutch feels really strong with your hands in demonstration, but with average leg strength being much higher it still feels like a light clutch you would find in a Honda Civic. I would prefer a clutch feel I get from a Corvette, Camaro, Mustang etc… I would also like to see the clutch revised for when the V4 pedals come out with a taller feeling clutch throw. I want to feel a stronger push over effect as well as more travel after the push over. All and all the clutch is a lot more fun to use then my V1 pedal set, but these are just some of my little suggestions for the next evolution.

The throttle is no slouch. I can easily control my wheel spin now compared to before and I love the haptic feedback I get in Project Cars when my tires start to spin up. Keep in mind the vibes come in when your tires spin up from accelerating not sliding or backing your rear around into corners. Although I thought of this being a little gimmicky at first it turns out working nicely with hardly any delay in it’s response which is on par with the ABS rumble feature. I hope other games pick this feature up soon! With the Contactless Hall Sensors with 12 bit resolution I am definitely feeling more control with my throttle now. For example: Have you even neglected your current pedals that you finally start noticing the throttle stick just a little to make your throttle inputs to forceful at times? Then after oiling them up your like “Ahh that’s way better” Well this throttle is times 4 now, so the precision I feel is so much greater than I feel I can even control with my right foot. It’s buttery smooth now no matter if your a PC or consoles user. Heck I finally have a easier time driving the Corvette in iRacing by keeping it under control and not spinning out due to the more sensitive throttle control I have with these bad boys! In fact my nephew came over and I had him try out the new V3 pedals and compare them to his Clubsport V1 pedals. He was really impressed with not only the Sim Art these Fanatec Pedals are, but more importantly the feeling he had when using them. Once he went back home to his V1 pedals he text me how disappointed he was in them after just using the V3 pedals. 🙂

Console Use ie.. XboxOne, PS4

If your using the V3 pedals on your consoles in games like Forza 6, Forza Horizon 2 or Project Cars you will have 256 bits of resolution compared to the PC 4065. You can feel the difference between PC and console when comparing the same game like Project Cars on both platforms. I don’t consider it a deal breaker for myself really, just the way it is with the current limits of consoles. I still love the fact I can adjust my brake pressure thru my Fanatec Xbox One hub to get my braking force dialed in correctly. You do loose the bits of resolution compared to PC, but I can easily modulate the brake pressure with trail braking up to the competitors bumpers, just not with the precision as I do on PC making me loose some confidence. I am easily out braking others though with these Clubsport V3 pedals and this is attributed to the Contactless Hall Sensors with 12 bit resolution and upgraded load cell from the previous V2 and V1 pedals.  Forza 6 has never been more fun to play now!

The Damper Kit

All of my above mentions are without the damper kit so when adding the damper kit it just adds to the feel. What I’m feeling with the damper kit on the brake is the initial hydraulic squish you get with real cars, although not as pronounced as the real thing it’s there. It’s a nice feeling and actually helps fiCS-DamperKit_01-1000x666rm up my break pedal a little more with it’s setting adjustments. It also helps me hold accurate break pressure by holding the pedal in the position I’m using it at and pushing the pedal back into my foot. Yes you get some of that hydraulic feel, but more importantly you get the precision and muscle memory from it. The damper kit is a small improvement and can easily be overlooked if your just looking for better mechanical
brake feeling. However if your looking for that extra immersion factor then get the damper for your brake pedal. I still want to pump my brakes at times when using it, so it’s pretty cool!

Now I did pass on the throttle damper kit myself and didn’t test that one as it seemed unnecessary although it should help firm up the gas pedal even more if you like to drive with heavy shoes. I personally drive with socks although the force it takes with the brake pedal set has made me look for some thin soled racing shoes as it really beats on my feet.

Should I Upgrade?

Yes! Ok I’m not sure if your worthy enough for these pedals, or what your budget is, but for me it was totally worth it. The Fanatec Clubsport V3 pedals have brought new life into my sim racing world giving me the extra feel I have been looking for that my V1 pedals doesn’t even come close to even after upgrading them with the Fanatec upgrade kit. If your coming from the V2 pedals then I still say YES still due to the ease of modifying these pedals, more precise load cell that should last a lot longer along with a more precise throttle. Sure you can get along with your V2 pedals or even V1 pedals, but if your looking for that edge over your competition or just want a more precise feel then the Fanatec Clubsport V3 pedals is the way to go.



If your in the market for new pedals I would seriously consider the Fanatec Clubsport V3 pedals. If  you are seeking to feel the best immersion and life like feel along with adjustablility and able to not limit yourself with just PC racing (hence works with PS4,PS3 and Xbox One) all without breaking the bank at $399 then by all means BUY THEM! They are great and I’m sure you will enjoy them as much as I am.



Install Videos and First Look

Feel free to check out the various videos that cover the unboxed V3 pedal set, damper kit and spring installs. Also below is the published Fanatec V3 pedal literature.

Fanatec V3 Unboxed

Fanatec Damper kit Unboxing

Fanatec Clutch Spring Install

Fanatec Throttle Spring Install


Lets Cover the Published Details

90 kg Load Cell (adjustable)

90 kg Load Cell (adjustable)

The custom made load cell is extremely durable and much more precise as the one in V2. You can apply a realistic and strong pressure and precisely control the brake with muscle tension just like in a real car.

Contactless Hall Sensors with 12 bit resolution
Contactless Hall Sensors with 12 bit resolution

​The electronics have been completely revised and the magnetic hall sensors of the gas and clutch feature 4x the resolution of the V2 pedals. Each axis can be calibrated in the wheel or in the driver.

Maximum Adjustability

​There are countless ways to adjust these pedals according to your racing style and ergonomics.

New Pedal Plates
New Pedal Plates

The new D-shape pedal plates and the new pedal extensions now allow to adjust the angle of the pedal plate and the angle of the whole pedal arm.

Adjustable Brake Stiffness
Adjustable Brake Stiffness

The completely new design of the brake allows to adjust the stiffness and travel of the brake pedal without using any tools.

Proven Design

The third generation of the ClubSport pedals is still using the simple but proven design of it’s legendary predecessors.

Full metal construction
Full metal construction

The complete pedal set is made of fine CNC-machined aluminum along with strong steel axis.

Compatibility to all platforms
Compatibility to all platforms

The new vibration motor on the gas pedal can be used by games to indicate if you lose grip and should power down. The second motor on the brake could warn you if you brake too hard and lock the tyres.


  • Vibration motor on gas pedal can be used to indicate rear wheel spin and oversteer
    Controlled via Fanatec Wheel SDK on PC and PS4
  • Pressure sensitive brake with custom made 90 kg load cell sensor
  • Adjustable brake stiffness and travel without tools
  • Utra high 12bit resolution on all axis
  • Alternative D-shape race plates in curved design. Ideal for standing pedals
  • Pedal extension to adjust the angle of the pedal plate and to change the angle of the whole pedal arm
  • Re-designed electronics. Parameters like deadzone and brake sensitivity can be adjusted through the tuning menu of the wheel and during the race
  • New design of the gas pedal to allow a quick exchange of the springs. Two springs with different strength are included
  • Optional damper kit for gas and brake. The hyraulic dampening resistance can easily be adjusted with a knob
  • Full multi platform compatibility. It works with all Fanatec wheels for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One
  • Full metal construction of CNC-machined aluminum
  • Ultimate adjustability: Position of pedal plates in all directions, angle, spring strengths at clutch and throttle, brake sensitivity, brake travel
  • High resolution pedals with magnetic and contactless sensors on gas and clutch for a long life and maximum performance
  • Vibration motor to simulate ABS and indicate locking tires
    Controlled by Fanatec wheels: Compatible to all games
    Dynamic control by games is possible via Fanatec Wheel SDK
  • Compatible to the colour kits to allow perfect optial customisation


  • PC (Connection through USB):
    • Compatible with any racing wheel from Fanatec or any other brand (Logitech, Thrustmaster, etc) if used on PC.
    • It will work with any racing wheel if the game supports a second controller.
    • These PC games support a second USB controller:
      • iRacing
      • Assetto Corsa
      • Project Cars
      • GTR 2
      • Race 07
      • rFactor
      • Live for Speed
      • …and many others
    • If you connect it to a Fanatec wheel it will be compatible to all racing games. Please note that the vibration function is not supported by all games and can be implemented with plug ins to our driver if the games sends the telemetry data.
  • Console compatibility (Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, etc.):
    • Please check the information on the product page of the Fanatec Racing Wheel or Wheel Base to which the pedals will be connected.
Special Notes
  • ​The Clubsport Handbrake (optional) needs to be connected to the pedals if you like console compatibility. The V3 now features a dedicated plug for the handbrake.
Packaging Details
  • Size (L x W x H) : 42.50cm x 28.00cm x 41.00cm
  • Weight: 8.14kg
  • Volume weight: 9.13kg
What’s included
  • ClubSport Pedals V3
  • 3x Pedal Extensions
  • 3x D-shape pedal plates
  • 1x Strong spring throttle (black)
  • 1x Strong spring clutch (black)
  • 1x RJ12 connection cable
  • 1x USB connection cable
  • 1x Lithium grease bottle
  • 1x Quick Guide

I hope you enjoyed this review on the Fanatec Clubsport V3 pedals. Now what you waiting for? Go order them!

See ya on the Track!



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