Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel – Officially licensed for PS4

Fanatec as promised is releasing all kind of hardware this year. Here is the Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel – Officially licensed for PS4. Purchase it NOW! Not only will...

Fanatec as promised is releasing all kind of hardware this year. Here is the Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel – Officially licensed for PS4.

Purchase it NOW!

Not only will this wheel base work with PS4, but when you add the XB1 Wheel hub it will work with your Xbox One! Note that it’s the actually wheel base that is licensed for PS4 not

the wheel rim itself which is disappointing for existing Fanatec Clubsport wheel base owners. I would of loved to see just the rim licensed so existing owners can buy a rim to outfit to there wheel bases. Who knows there may be a PS4 licensed rim coming for the upcoming Direct Drive version in the future. Time will tell.

Want to see it in action! Here is a vid from SimRacing with AussieStig back in May 2017.

About the new Fanatec CSL Elite for PS4, PC.

The CSL Elite Racing Wheel – officially licensed for PS4 is available in our webshop from today and it is the first Fanatec® racing wheel which is officially licensed by Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe (SIEE) for PlayStation®4.

The Wheel Base
The base looks obviously very similar to Fanatec CSL Elite Wheel base, but there are some significant differences.
  • As this is an officially licensed product we added some electronics provided by Sony and this ensures that the racing wheel is properly recognized by the console
  • The motor driver electronics are completely different to the CSL Elite Wheel Base and the same as on the ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5.
  • The motor itself and the power supply is also identical to the Clubsport Wheel Base V2.5 but because of the diffferent gear ratio, this wheel base has less torque but more speed.
The Steering Wheel
The steering wheel of the CSL Elite Racing Wheel also looks familiar but we improved it significantly on several points over the existing CSL P1 Steering Wheel.
  • It now comes with perforated genuine leather and suede fabric with blue stitching.
  • The weight is now reduced to 970g which makes it the lightest steering wheel in our range. This increases acceleration and consumes less torque.
  • The shifter paddles have been re-designed and now include Snaptron® snapdomes. They deliver a sensational positive and strong click feeling.
  • The buttons are now interchangeable so you can use easy symbols to remember the mapping of your most important racing game functions.
Please note that the steering wheel will not be sold separately for now.


By working really closely with SIEE on the development of the CSL Elite Racing Wheel we have been able to integrate features that we know racing fans on the PS4 will be able to appreciate, including:
  • Fully supported within the PS4 console menu.
  • Enables advanced functionality with select upcoming compatible games, including GT Sport.
  • The CSL E RW is backwards compatible to all games which were compatible to the CS WB V2 with the help of a compatibility mode. It will work fine in the game but not in the system menu of the console.
  •  Assetto Corsa and Dirt 4 are the first fully compatible titles and many more will follow. This includes F1 2017, Project Cars II and of course GT Sport.


At the moment the CSL Elite Racing Wheel is only available in Europe and Australia but we are exploring the possibility of expanding the availability into further markets.
The orders will be shipped right away.
We will also have a special introduction bundle which will be attractive especially to new customers. For just 519,95 € you get a complete set with CSL Elite Pedals.

See ya on the Track!

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