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iRacing released a new video yesterday showing off what’s to come soon for us sim junkies. If you don’t know about iRacing here is a brief explanation: iRacing is...

iRacing released a new video yesterday showing off what’s to come soon for us sim junkies.

If you don’t know about iRacing here is a brief explanation:

iRacing is the go-to platform for online sim racing. Start your racing career today and race head-to-head against drivers around the world! Fully equipped with open practice, qualifying, race, and time trial sessions!  iRacing runs the only group of virtual race series officially sanctioned by NASCAR.
Create your own private leagues and tournaments, and race together in a team in our new Endurance Series!

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Iracing has been at the simulation game for a long while constantly making improvements. It’s basically a never-ending process that is fun to get into. With that said to keep up with the other evolving sims, iRacing needs to step it up with weather effects, realistic track temps and rubber build up like we see in rFactor 2 and others. IRacing could just concentrate on bringing new tracks and cars, but building on increasing real world feel is the key to sustaining new customers.

Now you can surly recognize iRacing devs have been hard at work bringing fresh content that their hard-core customers want like new tracks and vehicles, updated menu systems, traction control, new tire models along with other many improvements. I believe that most of the existing customer base is good to go with iRacing as it stands, but getting new users to join iRacing is sometimes challenging. Real sim racing is hard to pick up and iRacing is pretty real and challenging to say the least. Love it or hate it the new tire models have been a great step in the right direction as far as the tires reaction to the track surfaces. What I feel is lacking is how to relate what’s happening between the tires and track surfaces effectively to the user.

To explain I only play on the road courses not the ovals so I can’t comment on oval racing. With that said I myself find it difficult to pick up iRacing once I have been away to long with other sims. It takes a lot of time to get back into the groove of how iRacing works and how to recognize what your cars reacting to. I’m not talking about hitting curbs, rumble strips and dirt as that’s easy to detect.I’m talking about feeling the point of your car beginning to spin up or get loose all of a sudden. It blows my mind how sometimes I’m going along great not to fast and my car spins out without warning. Also why don’t we have tire warmers to heat up the core of a tire before heading to the track? Ok, yes I find traction a problem many times in a race, but more importantly I find it difficult to feel any warnings before header (5)traction loss. Instead at times you get a total loss of grip for what ever reason when the person you are trailing gets no loss of traction. Then what happens you spin-off the field for no reason and wreck out or worst off you spin across the track taking out someone else. Then they are pissed off, your pissed off, they go tattle tell to iRacing etc.. etc…  What I usually see is my safety rating dwindling down making it even more frustrating in the process. It’s stupid at times and makes you just not want to play in the iRacing world when there are so many other great sim racing choices. So with iRacing I go back to practicing more, but I don’t have time to practice hours a day to figure out why I loose traction at odd times, but when I do I find it’s just random and not my fault. Yes I’m aware of tire wear and heat up, but that’s not it. It’s a core problem that drives myself and others away with frustration.

iRacing has a ton of content to play with, but lacks that FFB I need to tell what my race car is doing. Sims like rFactor2 and Game Stock Car do it so much better currently and it’s only getting better with them. IRacing has huge potential to be at the top of the list and I believe not all is lost. The new dynamic track features is sure to help and build the future of better racing. Sure we will get weather down the road, but what I’m most interested in, that this video hints at, is all of the racers being more equal on the track where the servers are updated with quicker information so my car is reacting similarly to my opponents beside me. This will create more consistent racing and give confidence back into the racer to drive at their limits and the cars limits. In turn there will be less wreaks and people getting discourage aston-martin-dbr9-gt1playing iRacing. Then word of mouth gets out that iRacing is easier to detect slides yada yada yada the rest will be history. IRacing will need to build the core of their game up before graduating to the other cool goodies like rain. I would predict if rain comes before core driving elements are further updated, that no one would play in the rain, especially new customers.

I will note that my findings are based on using a static rig with Fanatec CSW V1 wheel and Fanatec Clubsport V1 pedals. I have also researched a ton on getting the correct FFB feel thru my wheel based on using the in-game settings. Less is more in this case and you will benifit greatly by getting that sorted out first. I would imagine with a full motion rig with traction loss like Sim Experience has would allow me to detect slides as well as a direct drive wheel, but iRacing has always advertised with none direct drive wheels like Logitech and Fanatec wheels on their System Requirements page. These are no wear close to the feel you get with a direct drive wheel. With any sim there is going to be improvements needed and I hope to one day soon get the feeling of control I get in sims like Rfactor 2 and Game Stock Car. I believe this Dynamic Track Development update will retain sim user base and bring more sim racers to iRacing to grow into something EPIC! 

Just my .02 on iRacing and I look forward to getting back into it more after the dynamic track update. Let me know your thoughts.

See ya on the Track!



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