MotoGP 2015 Coming in Spring 2015

MotoGp 2015 is coming June 2015 for release – on PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3, Xbox One, Windows PC, Steam, Xbox 360. Official Trailer below. Who doesn’t like motorcycle racing? With this 3rd...

MotoGp 2015 is coming June 2015 for release – on PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3, Xbox One, Windows PC, Steam, Xbox 360. Official Trailer below.

Who doesn’t like motorcycle racing? With this 3rd iteration MotoGp 2015 appears to be steeping up the realism in the graphics department. I’m loving the realistic TV like replays. Check out this video of on screen play at Jerez, Mugello and Valencia circuits. This also shows a release date of June!

MotoGP 2015 is sure to be a winner out of the box. Milestones last title RIDE was awesome. Check out more about RIDE here. With June approaching soon lets see what MotoGP™15 is going to offer us. Learning from the past 3 titles MotoGP™15 is back with a vengeance! The title promises us a range of new features and overhauled and expanded career mode, A.I. and game physics (Lets hope RIDE like) and an even more comprehensive and deeper experience then before. Like before when visiti
ng official tracks you will be greeted with a real video of the track which has always been a nice touch.
 Taking notes from the last Milestone game RIDE, the new MotoGP game will come with lots of customization to engage you into the real MotoGP racers life. You will get to change the bike, rider and team with more than 100 accessories available using the GP Credits you earn from racing. You get to race in 3 classes MotoGP™, Moto2™ and Moto3™ and choose from 40 different liveries that will have not only official color schemes, but graphics from sponsors. You will also get to change the color scheme of the bike, buy the boots, gloves, leathers and helmet you want as well as customize the colors of them. Heck the Helmet has it’s own editor to customize to your liking. OH don’t forget your Motorhome. Milestone even thought of it. You will get to change between 3 different Motorhomes (Basic, Mid-Range and Top-Range) to suite your stardom level. So you might want to place high in your races to inpress your sponsors as this installment is about “showing me the money”
Lets break it down for ya.MotoGP15-thumb-trailer-track

Career Mode

  • Create your own personal and custom team
    • choose team name
    • logo that best represents your own personal style
    • customize your team livery and colors
  • Earn GP Credits based on your race results that you can spend on new bike models and liveries
  • Attract new sponsors as your reputation grows
  • Manage contracts to gain more GP Credits and fans
  • Sponsors offer new contracts and money to your team when meeting sponsor objectives
  • 20 bike models
  • 3 classes MotoGP™, Moto2™ and Moto3™
  • 40 different liveries

Challenge Mode

  • Players race to beat a set time with a specific bike for all the official tracks.

Online Mode

  • Grand Prix
  • Championship
  • Sprint Season
  • Split battle

Game Modes

  • Instance Race
  • Grand Prix
  • World Championship
  • Time Attack
  • MotoGP™ 2 Strokes Events

Final Thoughts

This will be the best MotoGP game yet! No more sliding by with rehashed graphics and stale gameplay from the previous games. This one will keep you coming back for more with the huge assortment of customization. It was very smart adding currency to the game as it keeps you racing more so you can earn more to buy the cool gear, bikes and living arrangements you desire. The overhauled game engine and customization is sure to have players coming back for more and also bring in new life to the series. I can’t wait for my copy!


Stay Tuned for more

MotoGP 2015 Video Game

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