Nola Motorsports coming to Rfactor2 on Feb 28th

So I’m a few days late on this one, but hey better late then never. 🙂 If you haven’t played Rfactor 2 before you owe it to yourself to...

So I’m a few days late on this one, but hey better late then never. 🙂

If you haven’t played Rfactor 2 before you owe it to yourself to try it out. It’s a lot of fun, with the best car physics on the market with Automobilista running for a tie since it’s built from the same engine. Really only a few things in my book are lacking with Rfactor 2 and that’s graphics, more GT3 cars and some sort of a career mode. Well the graphical update is coming along with a few other things. Check it out!

NOLA Motorsports Park

Being I’m not to far away from this track living in South Texas and had some CMRA motorcycle racers I used to sponsor race at Nola, well that’s pretty cool that Nola is coming to Rfactor2! At Nola you will see races and track day events from CMRA, SCCA along with Karts, Motorcycles, and various auto’s.

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UI Update

We are getting a much needed UI update. Now I currently use one from modders on Steam, but welcome the new interface which is currently under development. The new UI will provide a more intuitive and user-friendly experience, it also offers improved flexibility and the ability to add new elements and modules.

VR Update

Now in their first development stage for VR. The initial focus is the in-car driver experience with both the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. The second development stage will delve deeper into the environmental capabilities of the VR experience, which will be shared over the next couple of months. So looks like we’ll have a little more waiting to do, but it’s sounding promising and I’m glad to see VR support is coming to Rfactor 2 as it makes investing into VR a little more justifiable.


DX11 Content Peek

Last month was shared first comparison shots for DX11 running in Rfactor2. In the last couple of weeks the focus was on ensuring compatibility with existing content as well as further improvements to the way they render their HDR output. I’m actually really excited the most about this one. I always enjoyed playing Rfactor2 for the car physics, track feedback and the mods, but didn’t play as much as I wanted to, because well it was ugly! Ok not to ugly in the screen shots, but compared to the main stream sim racing games in 2016-2017 Rfactor2 is defiantly far behind with the eye candy.

Competition Update

Development of the competition infrastructure is going well and is on track to be released this summer. Drivers and teams will be able to record their stats, achievements and results, which then can be accessed through any device and shared with friends. Competitions will feature selected existing content and new content. Details will be announced in the coming months. Our main focus is to create feature rich mechanics that provide a challenge for new drivers and seasoned sim racing veterans alike.

Radio Communication

Most racing series use radio communication to let drivers talk to their team and pit crew. Some series also have race control broadcasting instructions. For example, oval racing series such as Stock Car typically also have spotters that keep an eye on what’s happening to keep you out of trouble.

We are working on expanding our current system, which is centered on the spotter’s role, into a system that allows different people to talk to you on the radio. In addition, we intend to make the communication more interactive by giving you the ability to ask for information or instructions.

Modders Wanted

We’re excited to invite modding teams to join our private forum. We are looking to work with those of you in the modding community to explain the necessary steps that ensure your content continues to work flawlessly with the new DX11 engine. Modders joining our forum will also get access to pre-release builds of the DX11 graphics engine (still in alpha). Our goal is to ensure that your content is ready to go when we do the first public release of the new engine.

If your modding team is interested, please register on our forum and start a conversation with Christopher and Marcel, stating:

  1. Your modding team name and all the names and forum names of members that need access.
  2. A list of mods you have released for rFactor 2 (either links to the workshop, or some other reference).
  3. Any other interesting information about your team such as mods you are still working on.

That wraps up this roadmap update. We are looking forward to the coming month of development so we can continue to share with you our progress on the new innovative elements planned over the next few months!

See Ya on the Track!

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