Project Cars 2 The Ultimate Driving Journey

Project Cars 2 The Ultimate Driving Journey is coming fall of 2017 on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 and we find out a few more things about it...

Project Cars 2 The Ultimate Driving Journey is coming fall of 2017 on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 and we find out a few more things about it moving forward.

Anytime and Anywhere

This time around some things are here to stay which means you have the freedom to choose what and where to drive and how you want—anytime, anywhere. It’s still created by gamers and heavily influenced from the community. Slightly Mad gets their sim racing game tested by a team of world-class racing drivers—including two-time Le Mans winner Tommy Milner, Audi factory driver René Rast, stunt driver Ben Collins (Skyfall, Doctor Strange), and Rallycross and sim racing champion Mitchell DeJong.

Project CARS 2 brings an overload of new and improved features, enhanced accessibility, and gameplay. It has the largest track roster ever with 60 tracks including a dozen newly scanned ones. It brings us a comprehensive selection of more than 170 licensed cars including iconic models from many of the world’s most prestigious brands, and support for VR and 12K.

  • Over 170 licensed cars from the most iconic brands
  • The largest track roster of any console racing game including ice and dirt tracks
  • New vehicle types and motorsport classes including Rallycross, IndyCar, and Oval
  • Dynamic time of day, weather, and new seasonal conditions​
  • New Online Championships mode
  • GT, Touring cars, Endurance Prototypes and exotic Hypercars
    • LiveTrack 3.0 powers dynamic surface conditions that affect vehicle performance and handling, and evolves the track over the course of a race weekend​
    • Esports built-in from day one with full ranking, and broadcasting/streaming functionality
    • Bleeding-edge tire physics, advanced AI, and intuitive gamepad control
    • VR, 12K, 21:9, and triple-screen support built-in

    As Slightly Mad releases information on what we will actually get out of Project Cars 2 we learn a few things. The new version is heavily featured around eSports competition with an new Online Championship game mode. You will be able to make and join ongoing racing leagues with Esports  functionality built-in from day one (including Competitive Racing License accreditation), Director/Broadcaster integration and streaming, and with a collection of new motorsport classes including Rallycross and IndyCar joining popular classics such as GT3 and LMP1.

    So what does this mean for you the racer? Well think of IRacing light with a scoreboard recording all your good and bad racing and ranking you along the way. You can compete online on the tarmac and dirt in various conditions, tracks and cars. You will want to be a clean and consistent racer to move up the ranks and gain entry to the most prestigious Esports events.

    Your Competitive Racing License is used in matchmaking in order to place you into games with players of similar competitiveness and professionalism. And you can also use it as a minimum requirement when making your own games. Now this sounds great, but what about the Rules? Well there is race marshalling with vast improvements to on-track anti-cheating via new Payback and Rulebook systems. They both work in harmony to constantly monitor your on-track behaviour against the regulations of the current motorsport, and enforce you to pay any infringement back with either time or positions depending on its severity. Rather than traditional systems where either an immediate slow-down penalty can potentially inadvertently cause further incidents, or a post-race time penalty confuses a watching audience. The vast improvements to Race Marshalling ensures any motorsport infractions are dealt with in real-time and are under the control of the driver as to when they choose to receive their punishment.

    Weather Permitting

    Race without boundaries – anytime, anywhere. Day or night, wet or dry.
    With LiveTrack 3.0, tracks dynamically transition from clean to rubbered-in to dirty,
    ​changing the grip physics whether on tarmac, dirt, or ice. Drivers can race a full 24-hour cycle with real-time vehicle, weather, and temperature changes, and even across all four seasons – faithfully recreating the atmospheic conditions and ambience of a specific time of year. Even weather effects like ground mist, thunder, and snow mean Mother Nature must now be conquered.

    With Live Track 3.0 we will race in epic real life simulation events recreated the way you want to race and when you want to race. Live track 3.0 brings brings a never-before-seen level of integration between the conditions, the racing surface, and vehicle physics. You will be battling not onoy against competitors, but dealing with changes in barometric pressure, ambient & track temperature, the height above sea level, weather and wind. THis will have a direct influence over engine performance, aerodynamics, cooling from the radiator, brakes, and tire behaviour. Along with a dynamic drying line, and the ability to spread loose material from outfield areas onto the track, drivers are going to be closer to the environment of motor-racing than ever before.

    Folks this is the real deal and a spectacular addition to simulation racing taking it to the highest level ever! Check out this video…


    You want Tracks!

    Take a gander at the 60 track locations and not to give it all away to us you you will notice some missing local pictures with the Pcars emblem.


    This is really cool for us streamers and people that like to share. When setting up any online game (including Online Championships), you can additionally now assign both a Director and a Broadcaster.

    The Director is a non-competing player responsible for directing the action that is being streamed.
    Via a bespoke Directing Suite, they will be able to immediately jump to watch a specific player or view from a particular part of the circuit, toggle onscreen overlays such as split times and standings for the watching audience, and get informed of incidents, overtakes, penalties, and all the action out on track.

    The Broadcaster is another non-competing player responsible for streaming the event for others to watch.They will receive the live view from the Director and this will then be beamed to the streaming service of their choice (eg.. Twitch or YouTube Gaming).The Broadcaster can also be the Shoutcaster, meaning any voice communication from this player will be audible on the stream.

    With this division of labor, we’re putting the power of professional Esports racing broadcasts in your hands… create your own online game, assign a friend who will be responsible for directing the streamed video, and hire a shoutcaster who’ll commentate on it and stream it live to the world.

    With that said you basically have a crew of 3 people. The racer, the director and the boradcaster. The racer of course races and the broadcaster scans around the track for all the action going on while the Broadcaster is streaming it to twitch or YouTube with the ability to talk as well. With all that it would be pretty beneficial for the racer to have a second screen listening to the director on where the action is. I would imagine seeing the director acting as a crew chief to the racer as well. Really only thing missing is having an actual crew chief, but that could be easily solved like I mentioned.

    Now after reading all this I also gathered up some videos from Yorkie065 and Team VVV interview with Andy Tudor that shows off and reinforces the story of Project Cars 2

    Check them out!

    Game play footage from Yorkie065

    Project Cars 2 – Andy Tudor Interview

    From Team VVV you will hear a lot of what I wrote above and is published on Project Cars website. This just helps confirm what’s coming our way!


    That’s it so far Sim Racers!

    See ya on the Track!

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