ProtoSimTech PT-1 Pedals Coming June 1st

I have been watching these pedals for a while and really want to get a set for my rig to use. Well now on June 1st you can to....

I have been watching these pedals for a while and really want to get a set for my rig to use. Well now on June 1st you can to. What you’re going to need to do first is register on their website as you will need to pre-register to buy them and speed up the process. Don’t forget quantities will be limited so as soon as you get the email you should buy. Also mentioned is you can purchase the curved surface pedal at the time of your order. Now the first batch of 3pc pedals will be Black as seen in the pic below. If you want black you should get it now. The next set will be glass bead version that gives it almost a clear anodized look to me. Either set looks great, but worth noting ahead of time.

I also wanted to mention I have not ran across a manufacture much less a sim product manufacture with such

a clear and open look at the development build process. It defiantly shows the devotion to get the product done right the first time as ProtoSimTech was always paying attention to the smallest of details. Take a look at their YouTube page to see the development of these pedals and the sweat that went into them.

So here are the prices which are actually really well priced for a set of pedals at this caliber.

2 pc Pedal Set $319


3 pc Pedal Set $379


Curved Pedals Faces $39









With both sets of pedal sets you get the same hardware and could actually add on the to the 2pc later. I would opt for the 3 pc myself since these pedals offer up such a unique clutch feel where others have offered no real feel clutch. This clutch is to emulate the feel of a real clutch as it starts hard at first and then roll overs to a light engagement. Really nice!

Here are the details of the pedal set along with adjustment videos’s from ProtoSimTech

PT-1 Pedal set Features:

● Aluminum and Stainless Steel Construction
● 50KG Load Cell – Brake Pedal
● Industrial Quality Potentiometers (rated for millions of turns) – Throttle and Clutch Pedals
● Multiple Pedal Face Positions
● Adjustable Pedal Height
● Adjustable Spring Tension
● Adjustable Pedal Travel
● Adjustable Potentiometer Travel
● Adjustable Clutch “Feel”
● Can Be Inverted or  Placed Right Side Up (with each pedal separately)
● Many More…


We use two potentiometers. One for the accelerator, and one for the clutch.


  • Resistance (Ohms) : 100K
  • Power (Watts) : 0.5, 1/2W
  • Tolerance : +/- 10%
  • Number of Turns : Single
  • Rotation : 295 Degrees
  • Adjustment type : Side Adjustment
  • Actuator Type : Slotted Shaft
  • Actuator Diameter : 0.250″ (6.35mm)
  • Size – Body :  Square – 0.524″ x 0.500″ Face x 0.441″ L (13.30mm x 12.70mm x 11.20mm)


We’ll also be using a 50KG load cell for the brake pedal.


  • Rated Load : 50KG
  • Input Resistance (Ohms) : 405 +/- 6
  • Output Resistance (Ohms) : 350 +/- 3
  • Use Temp Range (Celsius): -10 ~ +40
  • Cable Length : 0.42m


We will be integrating Derek Speare’s circuit board into our pedals.


  • 12 bit controller with integrated load cell amplifier:  36 button inputs, 5x12bit analogue axis inputs, one integrated analogue load cell channel with variable gain control
  • 12 bit controller – standard:  36 button inputs, 5x12bit analogue axis inputs
  • Dimensions:  12 bit controllers measure 60mm x 47mm



See Ya on the Track


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