Sim Racing fans here is my final review of the Simetik K2 rig. It’s a fantastic rig that blows more expensive rigs away with it’s superior build quality and...

Sim Racing fans here is my final review of the Simetik K2 rig. It’s a fantastic rig that blows more expensive rigs away with it’s superior build quality and engineering all while being delivered in a well packaged and small box I might add.

I have researched a lot of rigs before deciding to pull the trigger on the Simetik K2. With a budget of $650 in mind including the seat looking for high quality that is usually only found in $1000+ sim rigs I was asking for a lot. My research was showing that the only way to go was 8020 build or to up my budget. Thankfully I found the SimeTik K2 sim rig. Lets look at the details.

Simetik K2 Details

Fun fact: Simétik is actually pronounced as Symmetric without the r I’m told.

The Simetik K2 was developed to mimic real seating position of GT cars. Simetik has paid close attention to the accuracy and to the detail of their sim rigs making for a compact design that is strong enough to handle forces from direct drive wheels.

  • Cockpit K2: it’s a high stability and rigid frame which mimics a real racing car driving position.
  • Doesn’t include seat, pedals or steering wheel.
  • Steering wheel – Adjustable by Inclination, height and depth.
  • Pedals – Adjustable Inclination only from 0-25 degs
  • Length: 3 possibilities to assemble the rear to the front part of the frame to allow people from 1,35m /4,4ft  up to 1,95m/6,4ft. (these dimensions could change with different seat manufacturers).
  • Seat Mounting: Several hole pattern to fix your seat. Fasteners included.
  • Compatible with: Logitech G25/G27, Thrustmaster T500RS/T300, Fanatec Clubsport, Universal fixation, etc..

Look at my wants, needs and brand considerations

Must Haves
  • Ability to handle Direct Drive wheel forces of 20nm
  • Extremely strong adjustable shifter holder. (I want zero flex when shifting)
  • Made from metal
  • High durable paint or powder coated to resist scratching
  • Highly adjustable for many different sim racing peripherals from Fanatec, Thrustmaster, Accuforce, OSW, DSD, etc..
  • Compact design to fit in my small space
  • Ability to mount transducers to the rig in various locations. (I’m ok with drilling myself just need enough real estate to do so)
  • Keyboard support
Bonus Haves
  • Look cool
  • Black in color
  • Come with adjustable sliding seat
  • Option for monitor stands
Brand Considerations within Budget
Brands Consideration if Over Budget had to happen

As you will see in the video below the Simetik K2 meet all my requirements including all but 1 of the Bonus haves. The Simetik K2 doesn’t come with a seat in which you will have to source that on your own. With that said it cuts down on shipping cost with smaller packaging and gives you the choice to spec out a seat you will really cherish. Thankfully I already had one from my old RSeat Evo which is working fine although I’m eyeing the Sparco Pro 2000 Seat at

ign=General+Links&a_aid=530f70c9068fe">Fanatec website for an upgrade 🙂


If you are interested in seats check out Amazon and Ebay for some good buys. If your interested in the Sparco seat above, Fanatec is actually the only place that sells it with rails for only $542.90. CLICK HERE or on the image.

On with the video review and first look…..

Simetik K2 Rig 1st Look Overview

Simetik K2 Sim Rig Review

Review Conclusion

The Simetik K2 should be considered a must have for any sim racing enthusiast looking to own a solid foundation to mount there wheel base to. The Simetek K2 is strong enough to handle direct drive wheel forces and is certainly over engineered for most wheels and pedal sets sold on the market. Rest assured that for the low entry price you are getting quality above and beyond other sim chassis that are out there now and competing companies should take a look at their price structure vs quality they are presenting their customers.

With that said lets get into the list of Pros and Cons to help your decision easier and then give some final thoughts.


  • Highly adjustable for your wheel base, seat position, shifter location, pedal angle and keyboard.
  • Secured placement after adjusting your equipment. No worries of your equipment sliding out of the position you secured it down in especially during those important races.
  • Customize your purchase to only what you want. Don’t need a shifter mount or keyboard tray? Well don’t buy it.
  • Multiply add on’s to customize your sim rig to your liking. Support for…
    • Single and triple monitor
    • Handbrakes
    • Shifter
    • Mouse
    • Console or small form PC
    • Button Boxes (Coming)
    • Various seats
    • Continuous development for new rig additions. (For instance during this review Simetik released a new Fanatec ebrake holder that I will have to buy now ;))


  • Some wheel base flex when wheel deck is extended out giving you leverage to make it flex under your own weight. (Actually the only flex I have discovered was when extending the wheel deck mount further out to the driver and only when leaning or pulling down on the wheel rim itself. This is really not a concern as leaning on the wheel deck it’s not something that would/should be doing anyway. It didn’t affect my driving or even noticed unless I got up and pressed on it to get out of the rig. Note: I normally don’t have it extended out.)
  • Keyboard arm can hit your knees for short people if your not used to keeping your legs in when not driving. I suggest relocating the arm to a side mount. See my video review for explanation.
  • No wire management
  • No option to buy a seat and rail kit at this time to make it a one stop shop.

Final Thoughts

The great thing about Simetik K2 rig is it will grow with your hobby. You can start with a low budget wheel with no worries that one day you may end up with a high end budget direct drive wheel like the Fanatec Podium Series or high end pedal sets like Fanatec V3. There is just no worry of flex when using high end sim racing equipment. In the video I cover my thoughts and go over the whole rig. It really explains it all, but my final thought is for the price you simply can’t go wrong even with having to source your own seat. Seats can be bought for as little as $130 so the Simetik K2 is a no brainier. I highly recommend the Simetek K2 rig and no I’m not sponsored by them.


Just to let you know the total cost delivered from overseas was $507.94 and came in 2 boxes. The one large box seen above and a small box holding the keyboard.

Be sure to pick your Simetik products from their website. HERE

Hope you enjoyed the review and it was helpful. Take a look at the pics of it below…


Picture Time




See ya on the Track!

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  • Matthias
    22 November 2017 at 1:41 PM

    Great Review!!

    Do think there will be any Problem using the V3 inverted with this rig. Looks like there is plenty of space in height.

    Thank you

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  • Aaron Parker
    2 November 2017 at 5:30 PM

    Great insight, much appreciated! I’ve got one of these ordered, but am still undecided on how to mount my display. What are you using for a monitor stand? I’ll be using a 32-42″ 1080p TV.

    Initially considered getting Simetik’s central monitor stand, but the consensus generally seems to be that it’s better to keep your display separate from the rig. Curious to hear what you’re currently using or if you have any suggestions.

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    • TJRSim
      2 November 2017 at 9:17 PM

      Thanks and glad you enjoyed the review. Yes, it’s usually best to mount the monitors separate from the rig itself although I like the idea of moving the whole unit around as one piece when the monitor stands are attached to the rig. The downside to attaching the monitor stands to the sim rig is they can shake around a lot just from the wheel base torque or you wrenching on the wheel rim itself. Even Simetik is designing up a separate monitor stand as an option I heard. For the desk and monitor stand I am very happy with these two. I included links to Amazon for ya.

      Atlantic Gaming Desk:

      Wali Single LCD Monitor Desk Mount:

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  • TJRSim
    17 October 2017 at 2:17 PM

    Hey Marc. Thanks for the comments and glad you like the review. Yeah, I actually do other gaming in this rig as well. I play like MAfia 3, Dig World 2, BF1 etc.. Love the rig because I’m able to now slide my seat back further away from the screen when playing other games and also with my Fanatec wheel setup I’m easily able to quick disconnect the wheel rim to get it out of the way. Works great for console playing although I’m mainly on the PC at this time.

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    • Marc Espin
      17 October 2017 at 8:08 PM

      Perfect. Thanks for the reply. Now to convince the wife how necessary this rig is…

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  • Marc Espin
    16 October 2017 at 5:26 PM

    Great review! I’m looking for a nice racing cockpit, but I also want to use it for other non-racing gaming as well (Xbox One console, so no need for keyboard/mouse tray) because it looks so comfortable. Do you do any other non-race-related gaming in your rig and if so, any negatives to speak of?

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