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Have you heard of Vamtor? Well you will as Vamtor Gaming has developed a wheel stand that everyone can enjoy anywhere in your home and quickly store away when...

Have you heard of Vamtor? Well you will as Vamtor Gaming has developed a wheel stand that everyone can enjoy anywhere in your home and quickly store away when not in use. Vamtor is now on Kickstarter and needing funding to bring this wonderful product to market.

About Vamtor Wheel Stand

Vamtor gaming is bringing fun back into flight control and sim racing for the entry level crowds. This unit caters to a broad range of people young and old being easy to set up and store away when not in use. I would of loved this unit when I was a kid to mount my Madcats or Logitech wheel to and sit on my couch and play. I remember with the wheel I had I was always fighting to keep it on my lap and from moving around for consistent driving. I believe this Vamtor wheel stand will help bridge a needed gap for people to get into racing and/or flight sims with great ease without breaking the bank. It will allow people that are interested in simulation racing to get into this hobby, get their feet wet so to speak and then decide if it’s for them long term and then move up to a more dedicated static sim rig or just be satisfied with Vamtor Gaming solutions for their needs. This is a great thing for us simulation hobbyist and I welcome the addition.


So lets get into some detail about the Vamtor Gaming LD10 wheel stand. It’s developed to handle the most main stream range of wheels and flight sticks on the market. This patented design is functional and stylish with the top deck surface holding your wheel and will come pre-drilled for wheels (compatibility below) or allows proper room to use the wheels clamping system. The bottom deck is contoured for your legs with adjustable straps to wrap around your legs to hold it all in place. It also has a side deck to hold your gear shifter that can be mounted on either side of the base. Check out some videos to see how it works with a Logitech G27.

Seems like Vamtor is covering all the bases to make this a successful product! Lets look at the product specs.


Physical size and weight:

560mm x 355mm x 113mm   (22″ x 14″ x 5 1/4“)

Weight 1.7 kg , 3.75lb

Thigh size: Max thigh size is 71cm, 28” at midway between your knee and hip


Logitech Steering Wheel 

G25, G27, G29, G920, MOMO Racing Force Feedback Wheel

Farming Simulator steering wheel and Loader stick

Driving Force Shifter

Fanatec Steering Wheels 

ClubSport Shifter inc SQ CSL Elite Wheel Base ClubSport Wheel Base V2

Thrustmaster Steering Wheels 

Ferrari 458 Italia, Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel, Ferrari Challenge Racing Wheel, Ferrari F430 Force Feedback, Ferrari GT 2-in1 Force Feedback, Ferrari GT 2-in1 Rumble Feedback, Ferrari GT Experience Racing Wheel, Ferrari Racing Wheel Red Legend Edition Force, Feedback Racing Wheel, Nascar Pro Force Feedback, Nascar Pro Force Feedback 2, RGT Force Feedback PRO & Clutch Edition, Rally GT Pro Force Feedback, T100 Force Feedback Racing Wheel, T150 Ferrari Wheel Force Feedback, T150 Wheel Force Feedback, T300 Ferrari GTE/ T300 Ferrari Integral Alcantara® Edition/ T300RS, T300 Servo Base, T500 Servo Base, TX Servo Base T500 RS, T60 Racing Wheel, T80 Racing Wheel TMX Force Feedback, TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition, TX Racing Wheel LEATHER Edition Universal Challenge 5-in-1

Gear Shift: TH8 RS Shifter TH8A Shifter

Microsoft <


Xbox 360 Wheel

Fight Controllers

Pro Flight Yoke Control System by Saitek

X-55 and X-56 RHINO H.O.T.A.S. System by Saitek

Final Thoughts

I like what Vamtor is trying to bring to the market and I feel there is a need for this. It is not for the high end user and really that market is getting saturated now. I believe it caters more to the entry level user and for those that just don’t have the space, extra monitor or TV that a full size static rig requires most the time. It should also be an easy sale to your partner as not having some huge piece of furniture that goes with nothing in the house. It’s defiantly easily to stow away when not in use. Vamtor is looking to release this December 2017 if the Kickstarter pledge amount gets met. The details for the Kickstart pledges and rewards are listed on his page so check it out!

Help support Vamtor on Kickstarter. Links below.

KickStarter Campaign

Vamtor Website

Follow Vamtor on Twitter


See ya on the Track!


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